Social Media

You want to take advantage of alternative marketing channels, particularly if it means engaging directly with your target audience and is potentially cheaper than other more traditional methods. This is why social media is now a key ingredient in online marketing for businesses. Much more than just personal networking, it can be developed as a platform for brands to engage customers in new and inventive ways. Done right, it can even see your customers marketing your product for you.

Design for Social Media
When there are so many people using social media, you need to stand out. We can assist creating assets for use across a range of popular social networks. From Twitter backgrounds to Facebook pages, we can ensure your branding is consistent and effective.

Social Strategy
Before you start you start tweeting or creating groups and pages – you need to work out the key goals you seek from social networks, so you have a direction for your platform, content and assets. Key goals could be directing traffic to a website, providing a personal connection to customers or rolling out an ad hoc campaign. We can help you design a strategy that utilises the most suitable networks to take advantage of available audiences. We can also give guidance on how to integrate your social presence with your other online channels.

As with websites, social media channels can provide you with valuable insights to feed back into your ongoing strategy. We can help you track where your customers came from, what they interacted with the most and even basic demographical information such as age, gender and country of origin.

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