QA & Testing

Quality assurance and testing are essential elements of any online production, however they are also often overlooked. We QA and test our developments thoroughly, but you may also require an independent review of existing sites and assets.

Quality Reviews
If you have a site that has been updated over time, you may need a review to ensure it remains consistent and error free. We can provide you with a comprehensive report on mistakes, broken functionality and issues needing attention. This will cover the age and relevancy of content, branding and style guidelines, functionality, usability. We then address each issue’s severity, potential consequences and recommendations for corrections.

User Testing
If you’ve spent time and money developing a great website, you want to know whether real users enjoy it and can accomplish key tasks easily. This means having genuine users perform tasks you would want your site to encourage, such as making a purchase, signing up or finding an answer to a query. ¬†We monitor their progress and successes. By analysing what they click on, how long they take and even what they are thinking about throughout, we can understand how best to enhance the site for optimal performance.

Split Testing
When designing a campaign, whether it be a landing page, email or banner ad, you want to ensure the highest rate of success. By using split testing, we can make small changes to see which version performs best. Subtle changes to things such as subject lines, button labels and graphics can make incremental improvements to your conversions.

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