You want your target audience to be able to engage with you and receive your messages in all formats. With the ever increasing take up of smart phones and tablets for online access, it’s important not to leave mobile technology out of your digital strategy.

Adaptive Design
When developing websites and email templates, we can advise you on how best to make them accessible on mobile devices. This will help ensure your message gets through intact, no matter where it’s viewed.

Mobile Specific Sites
In some cases, you can greatly improve engagement if you have a mobile version of your website designed specifically for access on the move. This could be presenting just the key information from your main site or optimising the layout and graphics for mobile screen sizes and roaming connection speeds. These sites can be set to automatically appear when the site detects access from a mobile device.

SMS Marketing
With increased open rates and instant access, promoting your services by text messages can be a powerful companion to email marketing. Offers and contests can be easily sent out to keep your brand at the forefront of your customer’s mind. We can work with telecoms agents to set up SMS services at a level appropriate to your needs.

QR Codes
These small barcode-like squares can be displayed on advertising or packaging, allowing prospects to scan the code with their smartphone, and be led directly to your website. This instant way of driving leads to your content can be used to take them to a special offer, mobile video or download. Plus if you use custom QR codes on each advert, you can also measure where your campaign leads were generated. We can create codes for you and set up & manage their redirection settings.

We can help you determine if developing an app for iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices is right for you. Our expertise is advising on whether an app is the right choice, and at what point it should feature in your strategy. If an app is the right route for you, we can also give guidance on how to keep it on-brand, and liaise with a suitable development partner.

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