Behind the scenes of the internet are several logistical and technical aspects to consider. It’s easy to be confused or misled about what these do and how best to utilise them. We can take the pain out of these decisions, and help pick a setup that works hardest for your assets.

Domain Names
Whether you are just setting out, or adding a new brand or campaign, you may require a new domain name for any website or email activity. With so many good names taken, and the ever increasing choice of domain extenstions, it’s not uncommon for new ventures to pick their domain before they’ve even named their company or product.

We can advise on what makes a good domain name, help check what is available and then manage the registration and renewal process for you. If you already have a portfolio of domain names, we can take over the management and renewal of these if you wish to consolidate services to fewer third parties.

With web users developing ever shorter attention spans, it’s crucial that your site loads as quickly as possible, and doesn’t go down unexpectedly. Your hosting requirements will depend on the size of your site as well as the expected traffic. If you transact business directly through the site, you’ll also need to consider security and extra defenses against down-time.

Whatever your particular need, we can help set up or transfer your assets to a hosting account and manage the relationship so you don’t have to. Once in place, we’ll monitor performance and provide you with monthly reports and recommendations to ensure you get the level of service you need.

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