Email Marketing

When used well, email marketing can be a cost effective channel to gain and retain customers. Make the most of your leads and customers by sending tailored messages on your products, services, promotions or news.

Email Design:
A creative & effective marketing channel.

You want a reader not just to admire the great design of your email, but to take the action you want them to. This is why we consider many factors when we design an email campaign. We can also ensure that your readers see all your message whatever device they are viewing it on (different software and browsers as well as various mobile platforms).

Campaign Broadcast:
Not as simple as hitting a send button.

If you don’t currently have a mechanism for broadcasting your email campaigns, we can handle this for you. By using industry recognised tools, we can offer vital services such as setting an optimal day and time for sending, unsubscription, forwarding to a friend and viewing online functions. We can also help with split testing, automatic or triggered mails, analysis and integrating the sign-up process into your website and other media.

Data and Regulations:
Foster trust and engagement with your audience.

You need to ensure your email campaign complies with anti-spam and data privacy laws. We can advise you on best practices to understand and mitigate any risks involved. As well as regulatory considerations, these measures increase the chance of successful delivery and being open and read by the recipient. Resulting in an assured audience that are engaged with your content and advocates of your brand.

We can also advise you on integratration of email marketing lists with your other customer data systems to allow for a holistic analysis.

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