Just like with traditional print marketing, placing a well designed advert in the right place online can help bring in new leads and raise awareness of your brand. However, you need to ensure that designs are consistent with other channels, and monitor their performance to ensure the best return on your investment.

Banner Ad Design
Creating an effective online banner ad campaign can be a challenging task. When creating a campaign, we consider several key ingredients to both the look and feel of the ad, and the placement.

Ad Design

  • The concept must effectively communicate your message and be consistent with other channels.
  • Adapting the message to the dimensions and specifications of the ad network.
  • Implementing a suitable tracking solution for accurate analytics.
  • Using rich media where appropriate, such as animation, roll over affects, interaction and video.
  • Creating static and mobile versions where needed.
Ad Placement
  • Choosing a suitable ad network(s), based on the type of sites your ad should be featured on.
  • Adapting the strategy or creative based on where on the page will the ad might appear.
  • Exploring what the prospects’ motivations will be when they see your ad, and tailoring accordingly.
  • Ensuring the placement and design are geared to the ultimate action you wish prospects to take.
  • Determining the optimal campaign length and spread to make best use of the budget.

Selling Ad Space
Depending on the nature of your website, there may be an opportunity for you to sell advertising space to others. If you have proven traffic to your site, we can help with attracting advertisers. Even with unpredictable or low traffic, there are ways to feature adverts on your site in a discreet way, that will bring in that extra bit of revenue. Of course, this will only be suitable for certain organisations, and will depend on your strategy for the future.

Affiliate Marketing
If you sell a product or service online, you could be gaining extra custom through an Affiliate Network. By providing others with the means to promote you, they can generate more leads for you in exchange for a small commission on any sales those leads generate. We can help you set up your own affiliate scheme and advise on a suitable commission model, as well as provide a toolkit for your affiliates to use in their promotions.

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