Windows 8 – will it bring everything together?

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It may still be a year away from official release, but Windows 8 is a hot topic right now. This week the developer beta version was released to the public. So if you’re a bit of a techie and can afford some bugs and crashes – you can get it right now for free. What interests us more about Windows 8 is its apparent plan to integrate, well pretty much everything. The entire system has been developed from the start to work on both regular PCs and Laptops – as well as Tablet PCs. The entire interface is much more graphically rich, and it will blend local files, internet...

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How many people actively use Twitter? A lot.

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Twitter have reported that they’ve got 100 million active users right now. What’s more, they claim that half of these are using the service every single day. They actually have 200 million total users registered, but many are no longer active or barely used. This is the first time they have commented on the number of truly active accounts. The information was revealed by CEO Dick Costolo on Thursday. He also noted that around 55 million users access Twitter from their phone or tablet every month. Plus for normal web-based users, gets 400 million visitors a month....

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Anatomy of a Fan [Infographic]

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Moon Toast have released a new infographic entitled the ‘Anatomy of a Fan’. It shows how an engaged customer might interact with your brand – comparing a regular website with Facebook and other...

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